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Frank's writings

Frank's writings
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Hello! My name is Frank and this is how I would be called in this blog/s; I would also like to say a few words to explain the reason why I am writing this blog, you see, during last year I have been blogging sometimes together with some friends of mine, but lately we have decided that I can take over one of those blogs which we were working on together, the others will do just the same and have their own blog if they like, or just continue to blog together.
Anyhow, I have chosen this blog with this web address, which seems to me that has got a good enough web address and I am going to change its name to suit its new role; so this blog from now on will be called Frank’s writings. I am taking over this blog and hope to run it mostly all by myself from now on. In this blog I will be writing about my own life story, my religious writing and my religious point of views, my dreamland writing and other things as they come to be known to me, So, I am going to start this blog all over again while I keep in mind these general points of views, which I have just mentioned above and of course I have to keep in mind also what this blog role has been since it was started. So let me start from the beginning again.

In this post of Frank’s writings we would like to start to tell our point of view from the very beginning, so, let us start from the beginning of our life as we know it; just because we want to find its meanings we always ask ourselves many questions and one of these first questions is, where life comes from when we are born.

I believe that when a man (woman) is born he/her receives his/her gift of life from Mother Nature or God if you like. As he grows he learns how to live by copying his parents or whoever happens to be close by, so, every one of us is a bit different in his own ways, therefore we all have different views and we are not always like the fellow next door.

We all believe things to be the way we see them to be, but the fellow next door believes things to be has he sees them. One of the oldest controversial beliefs very likely is about religious beliefs, in fact this understanding or misunderstanding is so wide that there are believer who believe in many different religions, there are also non believers which we call atheists who believe in nothing religious, they believe that life happen to be there just because it happens to be there. Who is going to be right we may never know, however it could be good to discuss this situation.

Let us start from the point of view of the theists who believe in religions and God/s. Their views may well be like the way it is written in the Bible; at the opposite end there are the atheists who believe that it cannot be so, because what is written in the Bible is so controversial that one has to question if the Bible is really the word of God as the believers believe.

So, there are times when we believe that God is up there looking at every move that we make, but there are times when we think that God does not exist, this has been humanity dilemma from the very beginning that is since when we became able to understand and reason with our own brains. Then when we became able to write and keep records we did and these records show that this difference of religious beliefs has always existed. So, what we want to do here in Frank’s writing is that we going to try to answer some of those questions.

So, all these beliefs and non beliefs may come down to whether God does really exist and our need to believe in the existence of God. What do you think? Does God really exist?
Because nowadays we have a greater knowledge than the ancient people, it could be easier for us to come to the right conclusion, but how are we going to achieve that? Well, we really don’t know if one day we will be able to say for certain whether God exists or God does not exist?

So, let us look at what does history tell us? If we look back there are many religions that have existed for a period of time, then they disappeared or changed to a slightly different religion. We can still find today statues of gods and goddesses in the old cities. All these statues are some images of gods that mankind has worshipped in the past.

Today things are slightly different, because the most powerful god is not a statue, but it is a spiritual force, which is supposed to be omnipotent so able to do anything at all.

Here I have to add that nobody has really seen God, as God is supposed to be an unseen life force which humans are unable to see, while we are living here on earth.

I suppose that some of us still would like to know why mankind needs religions, so what are the forces that drive us to religions? And, how did all these religions start?

How they all started is hard to say; but let me have my personal say about some religious beliefs and why, Man needs religions and a god.

Atheists do not believe in anything, so for them there is no God; but I believe that there is a God even if I cannot prove it and if there is no God mankind still needs God anyhow.

Perhaps man has invented God to help themselves for many reasons; one of the reasons is that it all started out from our inner fear of the unknown.

What I have just said may hurt some people feelings, but we are a fearful lot. We are looking for security all the time, so we live in communities to feel safe; it is human nature to feel this fear of the unknown and it is good because it helps us survive.

The origin of religion therefore may well be an extended reaction to our inner fear, which we try to control by simple reasoning of our mental capacity. So when we were or are facing unexplainable fears of anything, we have found a way out in religion, which is good at explaining the unexplainable, and so, religion helps us and makes us feel more secure.

For religion to exist and be helpful to us needs a god as figure head, so this is how god and religion is seen from most people. This is how I can explain my own religious beliefs here in Frank’s writings.

What I have just said would make people think that we have invented God ourselves, but I am not sure about that; because it is still possible that things are as the Bible says which is that, God created us, not exactly as it is written in Genesis, but as a partner with Mother Nature.

Whether there is a god or there is no god, the facts still remain that man needs God. So, in next post we will be talking about this article.

Frank's writings
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