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The question about God

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The question about God

Since we are talking about religions, the question about God has to arise;
First of all, is there a god?
Or; is there no God?
How do we decide what is the best way to go about this dilemma?
As we all know, since the beginning of recorded time mankind seems to believe in the existence of supernatural beings, it seems to be natural for mankind to believe in God or gods.
As we all know, the question about God or the existence of God has always been asked for thousands of years, so, I do not think that any of us will be able to prove God’s existence beyond any doubts.
Now because this belief has been used for ages up to the present generation, I suppose that it would be easier to assume that God really exists, even if one day in the distant future God may turn out to be very different from the way we believe God is at this present time, only time will tell.
We need to ask the question about God because that is the only way to understand our situation. As I said God may well be different from God in the Bible, in fact I think it is different; but to prove how different is God and who and what is God is near impossible, in fact it is easier to prove that God does not exist, because one does not have to prove anything at all, just you have to state the non existence of God and that is all you have to say.
But then we might create a bigger problem here, because if man invented God, then it follows that man needs God, even if God does not exist as the Bible describes him/it.
My views about this religious subject is that mankind needs to modify the existing religions, in such a way that all existing religions link together, it is necessary to do this since the existing religions seem to fail, they seem to me that they have passed their pick of usefulness; therefore, it would be better if there is a way about how to improve them, so that it would be harder for them to fight each other, and therefore, extremist groups will not be able to use religions as an excuse for fighting.
I have to admit that the first thing that really started me to think about this theory of modifying religious beliefs was the 9-11 disaster, when I learned that those responsible were religious fanatics; Up to that point I could not see that some religions would condone such violence against humanity, not only condone violence but indeed teach their follower to use violence in the name of God.
Now the first question that comes to any reasonable person is this: How could God that is the father of all humanity let this happen in his name?
The answer to this is: No way, God does not approve of this violence at all. It is the people that find a way how to make it look like as if God approves. To do that they dig out old scriptures of some old events and apply those events to nowadays events, what’s wrong with them? Can’t they see what they are doing? Whatever example they dig out from old scriptures, they should understand that those examples could only apply to those times and those circumstances.
Therefore, if there is a way that makes these people and their leaders understand that they are wrong, perhaps these violent acts may be eliminated.
This is the first and perhaps the most important reason why something needs to be done.
Another reason is that of the behaviour of the Roman Catholic priests about paedophilia in their ranks, this could be partly eliminated if priests would be allowed to get married.
Then there are also the atheists who having seen all these negative happenings in religions, put their case forward and say that the world would be better off without religions. They believe that God does not exist, just because God cannot be seen and cannot be proven that Him/it exists. I would say to them that one day they might be proven wrong, as it seems to me that there is a better chance that God exists, perhaps different to the way described in the Bible, so it would be wiser for them to wait and see.
The atheists accuses religions of failing their role and that they do more harm than good, so if religions are not there it would be better.
Well I am sure that they have some evidence to say this, because in the past religions have made so many mistakes and even nowadays religions still are failing to fulfil their role properly.
Now, because atheists are non believers they see only where religions fail, so, they do not see any benefit that religions contribute, because they do not want to see it.
But, I believe that they are doing more harm than good themselves in believing whatever they believe, I hope that they understand that man needs God, because it is easier for them to believe in something that could or would help them with their problems, even if it is only in their imagination.

So, for this reason that I have written above, I would like to tell an imaginary story to the atheists to show the atheists what I mean.
Let me give you an example why man needs God, even if it might be only a wish that God exists and could help.

So let just pretend:
You are out in the middle of nowhere, say with a couple of friends; You don’t know and very few people know that a long time ago there were mines there; those mines have been closed and covered up, so nobody knows where they are know.
Suddenly the ground gives way under your feet and two of you fall down the mine shaft, the third guy tries to help you, but the ground gives way again and he end up in the mine shaft as well. Now the three of you are all down in the mine shaft with no way out.
You were lucky you are not badly hurt; but also unlucky, because you do not have a mobile to call for help, so, you may have to wait a very long time to be rescued, because nobody knows where you are.
As time goes by and nobody comes; would you not wish that there was a way of communication with the rest of the world? Do you think that you would be thinking God does not exist so he cannot help us?
Very likely you would wish that God existed and could help you, because, God and religion is there for those who need hope most. So, you would wish that God would send somebody there, so that he could send for help soon rather than later.
Do you see what I mean? Of course there are many other things which make people hope that there is a god that could help them. You see, this sort of hope cannot be replaced, as there is nothing else to replace it with; therefore God and religion cannot be completely replaced. Of course you are going to say that this is only my opinion and I can be wrong? OK. I can give you that; but what do you have to replace it with?

The question about God may come down that it needs to be explained better, So, my personal views about religions are that mankind needs to modify existing religions, they should be modified in such a way that it would be hard for people to cause harm by using religion, this needs to be done because religions have not been planned in a way that they cannot be used to cause harm, in fact they seem to be planned only to get everybody of a community together, so that they would be able to defeat those that would oppose their own group.
Now, if religion could be improved in such a way that would be harder for any religious member to use religion to cause harm to others, then there is still a role for religion.
If this fails, then we may have to assume that there is no God or religion and we have to take this other task on ourselves, about how to find a way to control ourselves without religions, and how to fill the void that religions have left.
Therefore, I believe that it is worth to try and see how it goes; if by suggesting some religious changes to existing religions they would become better and therefore be able to survive, not exactly as they are now but very close to it.
The importance of modifying religions nowadays is becoming necessary, so that religions may guide humanity until the time that humanity fully understands whether there is a god or not; if they find that there is no God and then they can prove it; then humanity has got to learn how to live without God.

How can we achieve that one may ask?
To modify religions is not a simple task, it could not and would not be achieved in one single step, because the only possible way that I can see, it that we need to unite all existing religions together during this process, so it is better if this process is done step by step.
First one needs to link existing religions in such a way that they are willing somehow be friendly to you and also with each other; and at the same time make them understand that there is no room for extremists.
Condoning vile acts against humanity just because the culprit is a religious person is insane.
To teach that one can kill in the name of God is even worse. Those extremists that want to kill better find another way to condone their violent acts.
To condone violence and to condone paedophilia are the lowest acts of religions, those leaders that are in a position of command, should really do something about it, what are they waiting for?
I think I have already said a few things about condoning violence in religion; but perhaps not enough about paedophilia in religions, so I am going to write another article to deal with sex and paedophilia, as soon as I complete this article.
I have started to write this article asking if God exists or does not exist, at this point of time I have not been able to answer this question properly; but I tell you what I and my friends will be doing, we are going to write about the existence of God, since we are firm believers that God exists; but now, let me first talk about sex and paedophilia in religions and in everyday life. So next article will be about; the beautiful, sweet, treacherous and ugly beast we call sex.
Frank's writings
The question about God
Next time with, The beautiful agly beast.

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