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Childhood problems

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An old man life story
Childhood problems
Welcome to my blog posts of, Childhood problems
Let me first of all say to you, welcome to my blogs my dear readers. You are all welcome to browse and take part in the discussions that follow.
As you all know every one of us has a story to tell and so have I, and this old man life story is my story.

Childhood problems;
My dear readers, I know that what I am writing may sound very much that I am telling you all my problem, and therefore it is a boring story for you, but that is all part of life, in fact life sometimes is very boring and we cannot do anything at all, accept that we have to put up with it. Anyhow, now let me go back in time and talk about my early childhood; I was born near the end of the year 1938, and that is before the Second World War started. I was the second child in my family, my brother is only thirteen months older than myself, and for my parents my birth was too soon after their first born. They wanted more children of course, but they wanted them to be born a little more far apart; so I was welcome and unwelcome at once.
I was born a good healthy boy, but in those days medicine was not as advanced as nowadays, so they didn’t immunise children as much as they do today, because of this lack of immunisation as a child I caught the Whooping Cough, and although I was lucky and survived it, since then I have kept coughing on for the rest of my life, and therefore I have never been able to completely get rid
of my coughing problem, because the Whooping Cough most of the time leaves this condition to whoever caches it for the rest of their lives. This is how my own mother has explained to me my coughing condition.
Another health scar happened when I was three or four years old: I was playing with my brother who was older than me by one year, and while we were playing I don’t know why he hit me with a heavy boot in my face; so that, my nose started bleeding, and it bled for a very long time, that even my parents became very worried, they tried everything they knew and somehow they helped me stop the bleeding, but since then my nose has been bleeding very easily. My nose bleeding has been a real problem with me when I was a kid, and even when I was an adult it kept bleeding very easily. But when I was a teenager has been the worst, and my nose used to bleed day after day up to three times a day. Part of my nose bleeding problem could be attributed to the way of life that I was living in the farm, as in summer times I had to be in the hot sun a lot of times, and the heat expansion would make my nose bleed, and in winter times because I would catch cold in the cold weather my nose would be bleeding also; but part of this nose bleeding could be attributed to the boot in the face that I received from my brother, as I believe that it weakened my blood vessels in
my nose.
However the blood loss and a poor diet in the farm made me grow very skinny, so skinny that one could say that I had all the signs of malnutrition, I was so skinny that one could count my bony ribs, and I was also so light that other boys would sometimes make fun of me, when we were playing and they used to lift me up.
I need to say that, all these hardships and poor health that I have suffered when I was young; they are all due to the greatest drawback of my life, which happened when I was about five years old. Because then Fate struck a heavy blowto my own parents, as my father and three work horses perished from a lightning strike, while they were carrying on a cart one of the last loads of wheat of the season from a far away field.
Therefore this tragedy left us with no father and with great financial loss. With the death of my father from this most dreadful misfortune, therefore, all the good chances that I could have had in my younger life were taken away from me, and all the dreams that my parents had for us children came to an abrupt end.
So after our father misfortune, our family that consisted then, of my mother and two boys and a girl that is including myself, we were left in a very poor position to prepare for a decent future life. My mother had to rely on her two younger brothers, who were only still teenagers at that time, and they had to help her to run our small family farm, so that we could earn a living, as in those days there was no help from the government.
So when I was about ten years old, because my family could not afford any longer to hire a youth to help in the farm, I was chosen to help in the farm, instead of my brother who was one year older than me, and by right he should have been chosen to help.
So, I instead of continuing to go to school and get a better education, I had to go to help in our family farm, and this became later on the greatest drawback of my life.
The way of life in the farm was very boring when I was a child, as it had been for centuries before my time. But before my time people didn’t know how to live a better life, so it didn’t matter that much to them at that time, since most of the male farmers then lived in their farms all their lives, and everybody around them would be at the same level of awareness, so, nobody would ever
think that life was boring in the farm, as they would happily accept life as it was then, and they didn’t worry if the lot of them were dull people compared to the towns’ people; as it was only because they were uneducated and lived a lonely and boring life, but they were happy just the same.
Therefore, the way of life that I was living in the farm, which had been all right for my forbears up to the time when I was young, now was becoming old fashioned during my youth, and therefore it was not right any more to live in such a way.
So, I have been very unfortunate as a young man, because everything that had been unchanged for centuries started to change, and most of the people that were living in the towns were better off than us in the farms, but before my time these people usually depended from the farmers for a living, and now everything seemed to swing the opposite way in their favour.
Because of the changing way of living and farming, it became very hard for us to live in the farm and earn a living, so in the end I had to leave our small family farm, in order to earn a better living somewhere else. And it was then that I realised that all the work that I had done in the farm and what I had learned in the farm as a youth, and the time that I had spent in the farm had
been a complete waste of time. Because I had to start all over again somewhere else, and I would be doing something else completely different in order to earn a better living.
Therefore because of the changes of life style, which brought about more hardship than usual to the small farm owners, I was forced to leave my small family farm and the town where I was born, in order to find a better living standard away from home.
So, I migrated to Australia.
One day I suppose I will also be writing a blog about my coming to Australia, but that is in the future, since I believe that I have said enough in this blog. See you soon.
An old man life story
Childhood problems
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