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Today living compared to old times

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An old man life story
Today living compared to old times
Welcome to my blog posts of, Today living compared to old times
Let me first of all say to you, welcome to my blogs my dear readers. You are all welcome to browse and take part in the discussions that follow.
As you all know every one of us has a story to tell and so have I, and this old man life story is my story.

Today living compared to old times
Today’s living is very different to the times when I was young, because if you compare today’s living to those times it is completely different, even in the farms it is different and we are lucky for this reason, because it is much better than it was then.
I suppose that what I have been saying above in my last post seems already out of time, as if it is in another Era or hundreds of years old, but it is not, because it all happened during my life, so how are today people going to compare my story to today’s living is hard to say?
Wherever you go today there are, mobile phones, televisions, radios and other electronic devices that make life a lot easier than it was when I was young; also there is less hard physical work to do since there are a lot of machines that can do this work.
But in this post since we would like to compare the ways of life of this old man, let us start to compare the ways of life that I have lived in my family farm in southern Italy when I was young and compare it to today’s way of living, so, let me just describe to you a few things about what was like in the farm of those days in general.
When I was young, life in the family farm of those days was very quiet and boring; can you just imagine a very young man of about eleven living in the farm and looking after the farm animals in the farm? In the farms of those days there were not enough people around that you could talk to, so you would hear only a few phrase from an elder telling you what to do. There was to electricity no radio no mobile phone to hear human voices; therefore, there was a void of human voices and it was very dull. A whole day in the farm could be spent doing what you were supposed to do and hearing a few phrases from your elder, whichever that elder person happened to be.
Therefore, whoever young man ended up like me in such a position would have to become dull to say the least, as there was no way of learning how to talk to other people in a normal way; if one would compare the life in the farm with the life in the town of those days, the young men in town were bright and happy, whereas the youths in the farm were shy taciturn and unhappy. It was not
their fault if they were dull, it was the way of life that they were forced to live, just because their families could not afford to keep them in town doing nothing, so, they had to go to live in the farm, in order to earn a living for themselves, which sometimes was no much more than just eating free and a few clothes to wear for oneself.
As it happened, I was one of those boys that ended up to work in the farm and became just as dull as anybody else would become in such a position. Therefore, you could imagine how I felt when I had to leave the farm life to start living somewhere else with no training at all, not even any communication skills. But anyhow I have survived, so, it is always possible to improve if one tries hard enough.
Today life is very different from those days, so, I guess that even in those small farms like the one we had is different, at list nowadays people in the farms go up and down to town with their cars, they have a wireless radio or a mobile phone, they can keep in touch with other people and do not fall behind completely in communication skills, they are not completely isolated, as we were then. So, there is a big improvement. But here I wonder whether today generation appreciate it, because they still seem to get in trouble somehow; they have not seen the hard life of those days, therefore, they could not see life the way I have seen it.
Almost anywhere in the world nowadays life is different, but are they any better off, I do not know? Young people nowadays may still have the same problem that I had in life, even if they have had a better chance to live a better life and have been able to go to schools and even university.
Looking at the ways of life that we live these days, why we do not seem happier now, since we have so much more to enjoy, I do not know? People seem more violent for no reason at all, is this a sign of modern time and it will pass soon and nobody will ever think about it in the future.
It seems to me, that life always seems to bring different problems to different generations. Nowadays we hear in the news that some youths have bashed somebody for no reason at all, so it makes me wonder; what is wrong with them, because when I was young, if there was any violent act there was a reason behind that act. So, I would like to ask you this question:
What do you think? Are we going to be able to put a stop to those violet acts one day that seem to happen for no good reason at all?
Is there anyone that knows the answer to these questions? If there is anyone let us hear them?
Now that I have written about my personal comparison of life of those days, let us move on and let me talk about the town which I have come from, in my next post. See you soon.

An old man life story
Today living compared to old times
Next time with, another life story
See you soon
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