Sunday, October 4, 2015

Some other general writings

Welcome to our blog, frank links page
and this post, some other general writings
 We would like to welcome you to this post, where we are going to tell you about our blogging activities and our life story, visit most of our web sites, in blogger, Google site and other websites, including those site that we use to learn ourselves.

Avery one of us has a story to tell, so, here we would like to tell our life story as well, we have already started to tell our story, we hope that it would be interesting enough for you, and you would follow us.

Some other general writings

Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our previous post, let me welcome you to our blog. Therefore I hope that somehow I would be able to interest you my readers now and in the future, with my articles about my life story and other things,  therefore at this very moment I hope that you dear readers still want to know a bit more about me, so, I am going to tell you this. In the beginning of this post I said that I have some of my friends and also one of my cousins already writing their hubs in Hub Pages, they have asked me to join them but I am not interested, as I believe that they want to use me to their advantage, so I have decided to surprise them when they see my first post published. So, my cousin and his friends here I come to surprise you; at least I hope it is a surprise, but I think that they already have guessed what I want to do. 
Here I want also to tell you that I am also on Face book and I am contributing by writing some posts in blogger with my friends, one of these general blog is called Menfranco general blog at this address; I also follow and contribute in groups of public forum, so I am not completely new to the internet activities of today.
Anyhow, I believe that when my friends see my posts they will think that I have gone crazy, just because they wanted me to help them, and now in a way I am competing with them; they will also be thinking that I am dreaming an impossible dream when they see my first hub or post, and they will thing that I will not be able to fulfil what I am now promising you dear readers that I am going to write some interesting hubs, so, I am saying to my friends that only time will tell if I am going to be able to do what I am promising to do in hub pages.
Anyhow I believe that I will be able to do what I have to do, because a man has got to do what a man has got to do? It is only a matter of making up your mind and then you try hard enough to succeed. I hope you understand me dear readers, as I am sure that some of you might have been in a similar situation during your life.
Now that I have welcomed you and written my brief introduction about what I would like to write in my posts and Hub Pages articles; this opening post comes to an end and all I have to do is to say to you dear readers what I will be writing in my next hub; I think that it is only appropriate that I shall start by telling you about the story of my life, including what I believe a man has got to do with his own life accumulated knowledge, since this may become the main theme in my posts and in Hub Pages article in the beginning, and then will see how we go and decide if we have to do something different, whenever it becomes necessary, like when we are reviewing our articles we have written.
Reviewing our posts
Dear readers here I would like to point out that this last article in this hub has been added, when I have reviewed my hubs and posts, you see, while I was reviewing our hubs I have become aware that I have written some good hubs already, so we would like that you could check them out. You see we have written about our life and our life struggles and people seem to think that it is worth reading, the hub My life my struggles, we have written about the The town I came from, and many other hubs, we have also written a few hubs telling you about bricklaying, and anyone that is not a real bricklayer might find them helpful, DIY brickwork, this is one link, but there are several articles talking about DIY brickwork, readers are advised to look for anything about houses and building and also some financial issues, like buying your own house, since as you know I am telling you the story of my life and therefore the knowledge that I gained in my life.
Anyhow we are writing a few hubs and posts all about our life and what we have learned from life, therefore we hope that they would be helpful to our readers and that they enjoy reading them; or at least read them so that they might be in a better position to understand what is involved, when they are building or buying their apartment or house, you see everybody would like to own their own house, because owning a house is very important, as it helps to live a better and less stressful life.
However here, while I would like to tell you the story of my life, I have to say that I cannot stop wondering how most people tell the story of their lives, so I have been checking on the internet where I found that there are several articles if we look for them anywhere on line.
This is just one link, but there are many more to be found. Anyhow I think that I might have said enough in this first article, so see you in our next hub that we will call, an old man life story.

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