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The duty of any man

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Teachers use the knowledge of previous generations, therefore we the people have a duty during our lives to accumulate this knowledge;  so, this is one of our duty during our lives. Teachers are special people that are able to pass their knowledge to younger generations; I believe that most of us have some teaching skills within us, it has got to be so, a mother teaches her own child for a start; so we all can try to teach as well

The Duty of any Man
Dear readers, this is the continuation of our last post, an old man life story, as we would like to talk about my life story and also how I believe we should live our lives, in order to be a useful member of the community we live in, and also be able to contribute our share for the betterment of our community.
There are reasons to believe that in order for mankind to work in a positive way, a man should do his duty willingly; we believe that a man has got to do what a man has got to do, because this is the way how he would fulfil his life duty, if he wants to be counted as a good hardworking man.  
So, let us start from the beginning of our lives and use first of all our own lives observations to decide what is the duty of any human being; we have reasons to believe that when a man (or woman) is born, they receive their gift of life from God and/or Mother Nature or whatever one believes there is that makes life possible on earth. Of course all this is and would be achieved through and from their parents, who would be guided from their natural instinct to do what they have to do to bring on a new life, as we all know this is the only way for life to reproduce itself and continue indefinitely.
For life to evolve and become better, it is important that we all do our best, so we should be very careful what we do during our lives; therefore, this gift of life that we have received from God, Mother Nature or whatever we believe our lives come from, we have to be very careful with it and we should endeavour to guard our lives dearly during our own lives, with all our inner will and physical strength, because our lives is a very special gift that we have received from God.
There are reasons to believe that every one of us have our own ways of seeing this gift of life in different ways, but for those who believe in God have an extra special meaning, since God is the life giver of all existing life on earth. Therefore, the life duty of a man even in the eyes of God is that a man must try to live his own life as well as he could, or at least as good as his parents have done before him, and if he can he must try to improve the standard of life he has received from them. Now if there are any improvement that he has made during his life, they should be passed onto his children, so that the next coming generation that will come through him and from him will have a better standard of life that he has had during his life, since he has been able to improve that standard of life that he has received himself, so let any man come forward and say what he has to say about his beliefs or improvements that he could contribute to humanity.
Now that I have described above what I think the life duty of any man could or would be, and of course believing every word that I have said above, there is no way that I could or would avoid to do my duty for the improvement of future generations. Of course by doing my duty as we have said above, not only I have achieved something good for the community at large, and therefore I would feel that my life has been worthwhile living, because I have done something worthwhile during my life; otherwise I would feel that life has passed me by and I have not done anything important, or contributed anything at all for the improvement of humanity and the future generations. For this reason I believe that our life learning should be passed on whenever possible, by using whatever is available to achieve that. 

Our life learning should be passed on
Therefore our duty as human beings is that we have to pass on what we have learned from life, for the betterment of future generations; now that I have said what the life duty of any man is, I have to start thinking what I could and should do to contribute to it; in order to achieve our own goal and do our own duty as a man and contribute our share, so that, we could improve what we have received from life and what we have learned during our own life, I believe that we need to make a record of our lives experience overall, and then perhaps we should try to see which way they could be used better.
In my case I believe that one of the best ways to achieve that is that I could write my own life story, in my life story I would try to say what the previous generation have taught me, and then, what I have learned myself during my life, and thus by writing my life story I would be passing on my knowledge for the benefit of future generations. You see, this is just another reason for writing, an old man life story as I intend to do already and then publish it in Hub Pages, I need also to write most of my life observation down and any other life experiences in such a way that they could be understood and would make sense to whosoever might read them.
In my life story I know already that some of my life happenings and observation would or could be felt a bit strange sometimes, especially those observations that have something to do with my psychological way of imaginary love life and other things of that nature, therefore I am warning my readers not to give too much weight to those observation whenever they come across and read them, if they don’t agree with them or they don’t understand them fully; you see, every one of us is different, so, we perceive those psychological things in a different way. I know also that some of my other life experiences and my life observations that I am going to write here or later on might seem a bit strange to some reader; but what can I do if life sometimes is a bit strange? I can do nothing about it, except to tell you the way it is and the way that I see it.
Anyhow, if I have to do my duty in order to improve what I have received from life, therefore I am going to tell you my own life experiences to start with, even if they are going to be boring and seem strange at times, as I am sure that they are going to seem strange every now and then, so much so that one would think that they may be like a metamorphose. But, because a man has got to do what a man has got to do I am going and wanting to do it anyhow; so may God help me achieve that!
Anyhow now, let us go back to my resolve that I am/was going to write in my article about, An old man life story, but then, at the same time I think that I might have said enough in this post and therefore I will be starting to tell my story of an old man life story in my next post that perhaps I could call, A man life journey, just because I need to give every post a new name. See you soon my dear readers in my next article of a man life story.

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