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My missed life opportunities

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My missed life opportunities
Every one of us has a story to tell, some of  us have better stories than others, but a story is a story that is all there is to it; in my case my life story could be connected with my destiny and religious issues and why I am writing all this.
Every one of us has a story to tell, some of us have better stories than others, but a story is a story that is all there is to it; in my case my life story could be connected with my destiny and religious issues and why I am writing all this.
My missed life opportunities
Dear readers, this post my life missed opportunities is the continuation of our last post, an old man story. Anyhow, here I would like to continue to tell you my life story, because it makes me remember all the memories and experiences that have shaped my life, so let me tell you my own special life story from the very beginning of my life, where I am going to tell you who I am, where have I been where I am now and how I got here, and here and now I am writing my own life story in hub pages. I am writing this story hoping that one day my family and friends might read my story and understand a bit more about me.
So as I have said, I have decided to tell you my own life story, because of something that has happened to me recently during my life; you see this something has pushed me to start writing many things including my own life story, so this is also the reason why I am writing now. You see, now that I am in my early sixties, and therefore I am in the later part of my life span. I have to say that although I am an old man and therefore experienced with life and with what life can throw at us and sometimes it can be rather bad; one of my latest experience has made me feel so inadequate and frustrated lately, for not being able to reach out and make happen, what I wanted so desperately to happen. And this is one of the reasons, or perhaps the most important reason, why I have started to write my own life story here in blogger and also go public in Hub Pages.
I have to say here also, that to be able to write in Hub Pages and have my own article in a public place to be read from anybody makes me feel proud of myself, since I have never believed that I would be able to do that, even if I am doing it only in a small way; this makes me feel that I have fought back that feeling of being inadequate and now I feel more confident about myself, just because I am writing my story in Hub Pages and in blogger, but let us go back to my life story.  
Anyhow, I have also to say that I have felt so many other times before that feeling of being inadequate during my life, which I believe that it has been all because; I was put in a disadvantaged position when I was young, and for that reason I was not able to better myself to a satisfactory standard at that time, which otherwise I would have been able to achieve if I had the chance, so, these are my laments in this life story and these laments I am telling you.
For these lost chances I can’t blame anybody, and I can’t even blame my mother for putting me in such disadvantaged position, when I was very young, because she was forced from disastrous and tragic events beyond her control. So I have come to the conclusion that I can only blame Fate, because it struck a terrible blow to our family when I was very young.
Therefore, if in my younger years I had been in a position to go to high school at least for a few more years, or perhaps as long as my capacity to learn was used to the maximum; Then I could have learned whatever they teach at school, and at the same time as I would have been in a more social environment, I would have been able to improve my social and communication skills while I were at school, those skills which are so important to communicate well with the rest of the community.
Therefore, if I had acquired those social skills when I was young, I would have been accepted better socially, and I would have felt happier with myself, instead of feeling sometimes left out from the main stream, and feeling concerned and isolated.
You see; if I would have had a chance to learn more at high school, then I would have learned more at the time when I was young, and from that extra education I could have been more successful later on in my life, because I could have used my acquired knowledge, and those social skills which I never had the chance to learn then, because if I had, I could have achieved better things and ripped more and better rewards from within this society that we are living in today, which seems to me that it is more and more demanding in these social aspect.
This is one of those things that has made me feel sometimes inadequate and it has followed me most of my life. You see, those social skills that I have been talking about must be learned when one is young, while frequenting high school and mixing with society around yourself, so that these social skills would become part of one self and therefore one can use them to their own advantage all their life long. For me it was not like that at all and most of those skills that we require in life I had to learn bit by bit the hard way, the best way I could.
Anyhow, about this issue of feeling inadequate is going to be written in one of our hubs called, Hello my world, where I am going to sound like a rebel and break out of this life drawback in a drastic way, where I will try to change my own way of thinking; but now let us continue to follow our own ways, and our own destiny the way that we have always done.
I believe that I have said enough in this post, where we are going to talk about whether we have our own destiny. See you soon    

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