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This is an old man story

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Life is what one want it to be, because even when life is hard, we can always hope for better things to come. We can also try to make it better wherever possible, even when this is hard to achieve. 

In the past life was a lot harder than today, it was very different, there were a lot of things that had to be done by hand, as you can see this is an old man harvesting wheat the old way, it would take many hours of work to produce food those days.

This is an old man story
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our previous post and part of an old man life story and the continuation of our previous article, my life my struggles, the link My life my struggles, if you want to check it out
Dear readers, even though here I am going to lament again about the life that I had to live when I was young, one should keep in mind that life is what it is, so, we should accept life the way it is and try to do the best from what one has learned from life, that is the only positive thing that you can have and nobody and nothing can take it away from you, so your life experience will always count for something positive, provided you can use whatever could be positive in your life.
Now, let me explain about this old man story, perhaps I should have called this article my life story, including my life missed opportunities and my somehow harsh destiny, plus other things that happen in life, you are all invited to read my posts because this is my life story and nobody else and I invite anyone to read it, perhaps you would read it to compare my life story to your own life story, or just for curiosity sake, because you would like to know how some other people have lived their own lives. 
Dear readers here I have to say that, we all try to live our lives the best way we can, and we all wonder at those things that have happened to us during our lives, some of which might be good and some not that good; but once we have lived those life happenings they all seems to us as if they were a dream, they are like a sort of dream and distant memories that will come back to our minds when we try to remember them, sometimes we wonder at the amount of events that we have been through during our lives and it seems almost unreal that we have gone through all those things, but nevertheless it has been our life that we have lived and our life is a story that could be told if we want to, so, we would like to tell you our life story, perhaps just to compare our life story with other life stories, we would also like to tell our story hoping that there is somebody willing to read our life story, perhaps to compare it with his/her own life story, because our own lives could have been similar or very different from their story, but it is still is a story that could be told, because, as you know everybody of us has a story that could be told.
So, I have written here my own life story that I would like to tell you here, now, I don’t remember exactly how or when this idea of writing my own life story has started in my mind, perhaps I have written part of it down somewhere else for personal reasons, but I don’t remember now exactly why I wrote that article the first time.
But anyhow the reason why I started to write it does not matter much now, because as you know there are many people these days that write their own life story; so, I would like also to tell you my own life story for many reasons, and also to prove to myself that everyone of us as a story to tell, whether my story might or might not be as great as somebody else story it does not matter much, because here we are not competing who is telling the best story, we are only trying to tell our own life story, but every story has its merits and could become interesting in different ways; sometimes a story could be interesting just because it is unique in its own ways; I am saying this because I believe that I have had a rather hard life when I was young, and it was unique in its own ways, and therefore when I am writing my life story, I might be going to lament about this hard life that I have lived, but that was the way that I have lived my life, and that is the way that I am telling it. 
Because I am telling you about this hard life that I have lived, I feel a bit worried, because I guess that not many people enjoy reading or listening to somebody else story, when all they do in their story is to lament their bad luck, these sort of stories are not much fun to read or listen to. But anyhow this is my real life story, and this is the reason why I have called this post an old man story, because old men usually would be lamenting about things one way or another, so let us see what this old man (that is me) is going to tell about his life story, his observation and his missed life opportunities, while he is telling us his own life story and lamenting, but at the same time trying not to lament much for fear of being boring to the readers, as my life as not had anything that would attract the attention of the readers, it was a very simple life and no unforeseen even happened; I have just said this because today while I am editing this article, in the news there are these refugees that are running away from their native land in search of a better and safer life; one day these refugees could really have a story to tell; but that would be their story, so let me go back to my own story.  
Anyhow, even though I am writing my life story, I believe that I have still a lot to learn how to write my own biography, but I am going to try anyhow;  Autobiography - How to Write Your Autobiography, but let us continue anyhow telling you about, my life missed opportunities.
I believe that I have said enough in this post, as these days’ people don’t like to read long articles, so see you in our next post, my life missed opportunities.

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