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Perhaps we have our own destiny

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Apart what we believe ourselves about our own destiny, some other civilizations believe mostly the same thing, see below.
Fate or destiny is often regarded as the “course that life takes” and karma is one of the factors that influence this course. People often believe that fate is pre-destined and nothing can be changed, but is this really true? 
“Your destiny is shaped according to the combination of conditions pre-determined at birth and other factors that you are able to change through your own efforts.”

The Factors that Form a Person’s Fate
A person’s fate is decided by a complex combination of conditions and factors. Some of them are already decided at the time of a person’s birth and some of them come into play later and shape the course further. There are five factors that form our fate or destiny:
1.     Tendencies of our soul, otherwise known as karma
2.     Family environment
3.     Social climate
4.     Our own efforts and self-discipline
5.     Influence of other people 
This is what some people believe, and I have to agree that most times we believe it ourselves.

Perhaps we have our own destiny
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our previous post of, an old man story, where we were going to talk about whether we are worn with our own destiny. Anyhow, today I have to say that I feel that there might be something called a destiny, so, one might be born to live a certain way of life, or perhaps our destiny is already written in God’s book of our own life and in a way we are forced to live our lives according to what is written in it, therefore our life is going to be influenced by some life events that are behind your control. Now, I don’t know what to think about what I have just said, but somehow I believe that there is a sort of destiny for every one of us, but I hope that it is not completely fixed and it can be modified to a certain extend if we have the opportunity and continue to try our best, we might be able to improve our destiny. You see if we believe that our destiny is fixed then there is no way that we could change it, so, it is better if we believe that we can change it somehow, but anyhow things happen for a reason, so they affect our life one way or another. Anyhow I believe that there is a sort of destiny because of what has happened to me and continues to happen to me.   
Anyhow, dear readers as I have already said before, I have lived a rather hard life, therefore, I have come to blame my fate for most of my life short comings and pains. Because I believe that when I was born, I was born with a good chance to live a better life; but it was not to be, that is the reason why I think that perhaps my destiny had to do something with it. So my dear readers if you happen to read my life story, I am sure that you may very well ask. Why is it that I am telling you mostly sad stories? Is it possible that in my whole life, I had so many sad happenings and not any happy ones?
Well I should say here that I have had a few happy happenings, but if I had to tell you about my happy happenings they would be so few and very boring indeed, and nobody could or would be interested to hear them anyhow, because they seem to me that they are not important.
So, I would like to talk now most of all, about those happenings that have affected my life in a negative way, one could say that they have made me struggle during my life, as I have already said in my last hub, My life my struggles, this is the link to my life struggles,
 My life my struggles 
I know dear readers that you might be thinking that it is meaningless to write down all this useless stuff, as nobody might be willing to read it or get any benefit from it:
But I am thinking that if my writings survive in a hidden corner just for a generation or two, and even if my writings are not well written, as my English written skills are not the best at the present time. But I believe that in several years when time passes away, then whoever would be reading my life writings will find them more interesting, because life was so different in the old days, because we used to live in a different way, you see, I have started to live my life long before the great changes of nowadays, so, this difference is what might make this old man life story interesting enough.
But, if what I am writing here is going to be useless anyhow, I will do it just for practice, so that I would be able to improve my English language and also my writing skills. So that I could feel more confident within my own self, and therefore I would not feel to be in such a hopeless and desperate position; like that time when something happened to me at a certain stage of my life, but at that time I was not able to cope with it properly, and because I wasn’t able to cope that matter in my case became also very painful, because of what I wanted to reach and do but I wasn’t able to achieve it, here I am talking about a matter that was and indeed is a very delicate matter of personal nature, so I am not going to disclose anywhere willingly.

But I would like to tell you that my helpless and desperate feelings, I will write them later on including what was it that caused me so much distress; But this distress has also made me come to a decision, which is that I have to improve myself in my lacking writing skills. So, now although I am getting old, I will try very hard if I can to improve myself, so that, my improvements may still help me in my later years to reach where I have failed before. You see this is my view about life; when you fail you get up dust yourself and try again harder.
Therefore, by writing my own life story, I will also help myself to improve my English skills and my communication skills, which after all they are the art of being able to write or to say, the right words at the right time with the right meanings; since saying meaningful and skilful phrases is just like when one writes them down.
So please don’t be annoyed by my life story and allow me to write a few things that I have gone through during my own life. I would like to write them; so that I could show you how hard life was then and how hard life can sometimes be, since this applies particularly to me; because during my life so many things have changed since I was a child; I know of course that things will still keep changing nowadays and in the future, and very likely even faster than before, but now because we know of the oncoming changes we are able to accept them more easily than before, and therefore they will not seem that bad to us anyhow, because at least we believe that we know where we are going in the near future.
I believe that this post is becoming too long, because today people seem very busy and don’t like very long stories, so I better stop writing it now. But, an old man life story, IS TO BE CONTINUED: With another post called, my farm life experience.  See you next time.

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