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My farm life experience

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My farm life experience and views

As you can see from this photo, farm life is usually hard for the people that live there. This man might look a lot older than he really is; but that is life for some of us, we all need to earn a living. So, if you have to be a farmer to earn your living, most times there is nothing you can do about it.

My farm life experience and views
Dear readers, this post or article is the continuation of our previous article ‘My farm life experience’ all being part of ‘An old man life story’. Now, even though we have been talking about my farm life experience in our previous posts, at this point of time, I would have liked to go straight to the point again telling you all about my own personal life experience in the farm when I was very young, which is the most important experience during my whole young life, and which I ought to tell you as it was, because of the ways that it has affected me for the rest of my life, if I want to make my point about my young life experience in the farm; since it is my first life experience in the real world, and therefore the most important one for me.
So, just to make my point here, I have to tell you that my first real job in the farm was that I had to look after a small flock of sheep, I was about 11 years old at that time, so to be in charge of those animals was a big ask for a small boy, when we look at the standard of life that we have today in the western world, it looks even worse, but I did it anyhow. After looking at those sheep I had to do many other things also. All these things put together, I have to tell you right away that it has affected me for the rest of my life in a negative way, because I was placed in a disadvantaged position right from the start of my young life, as I have already mentioned before.
Now, while I am writing and thinking about my younger life, at the same time I cannot help to wonder just for comparison sake, how the young people of today would react if they find themselves in a disadvantaged position as I was then. So, I ask myself again and again would today young People have enough positive thinking to overcome the hard life that would be thrown at them, or would they just keep protesting and run away from the problems ahead of them; as the young people usually do these days?
But there is also something else that I would like to talk about. I have noted that today young people like only to get in touch with other people through their mobiles, they don’t like to talk to people face to face, and they avoid all sorts of problems if they can. Therefore, I wonder what they would have done, if they would end up in the same position as I was, as there were not many people around to talk to and above all there wasn’t any devise that you could talk to like today on the mobile phones, you see life was very different then.
Anyhow, during our lives I have learned that life means to us whatever we want life to mean to us. I believe that we need to be positive during our life, and that is what we have to do all the time be positive, if we can, if we want to overcome our difficulties. My own life is a very commune good example, as you are going to see while you read these articles, just because I have been positive during my whole life, even when things went the wrong way many times, I just kept going on the best way I could, you see, the reality of life is that it is the only thing that one can do keep going, without upsetting oneself too much.
We have to believe that from our drawbacks we can always learn something positive, and if these positive thoughts are added up, one can find a way to use them. You see today in my old age I am even able to write articles in Hub pages in a language that is not my mother tongue, this might not be a great deal to some people, but it helps me to think that I am not that hopeless fellow that I was when I was young, because I have kept positive and tried to learn whenever I had the chance, I hope that you see what I mean?
Now that I have explained the position that I am in today, which one could say that it is a sharp contrast to the ways I have been living when I was very young. Anyhow, today in order to continue to tell you my farm life story, I believe that I have to describe to you first of all what the farms were like in those days, and also how the farmers used to run them in a traditional manner at the time when I was young. And I want also to point out to you that, the farmers and their workers were then and are still nowadays the most important contributors of the welfare of this rural town of Genzano di Lucania, you see, the rural communities wherever you go in the world, they are still those people that grow food for the rest of the other communities, therefore growing any sort of food will always be necessary, for these reasons the people that grow food are very important contributors to the rest of the town community; this would also apply to our rural town of, Genzano di Lucania, but the rest of the town communities don’t seem to recognize enough the farmer contributions, this attitude gives rise to malcontent and make life harder for the farming people. We all should know that farmers are hardworking simple people that have no much time to think about frivolous things just for the sake of showing off to other people, like most people of the rest of the community practice everywhere these days.
At this point of time, I believe that this post is becoming too long, for the ideal average readers of today, so, I am going to continue my life story, in our next post called, farm life can be very hard. See you soon. 

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