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Farm life can be hard

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Farm life can be very hard

Farms usually are very lonely places, because they are in the middle of nowhere. Farmer have to travel a long way to see other people near them. So, it is a very lonely life to be a farmer, as you would be able to see from our own life story.

 Farm life can be very hard

Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, my farm life experience and views, as we were saying in our post, people that live in the farms live a very hard and lonely life; in the past farming was even harder than it is today, because today even the farmers are a lot closer to the other communities than they used to be, they have their mobiles and other electronic devices that helps them stay in touch with the rest of the world; anyhow, we have to think that wherever you are and whatever you do life can be very hard sometime; when that happens we have to try to overcome those difficulties the best way we can, that is the only thing that could be done.  
Having this life view in mind and having lived a rather hard life myself, I look at today world and wonder when I see these young people struggling, while they are really living in the middle of plenty without realizing it, but then I realize that they do not see it that way; because they want you to believe that they are living a hard life, when in reality they are not, if we compare it to the ways of life in the old times. Therefore, I cannot help thinking that things in the world have changed a lot for the better, therefore I cast my mind back to the times when I was young and I wonder what is wrong with the youths today, why they do not see all the good things around them that are available to them. I know that some of them do, but a lot of them don't.
Having said that, now it would be good if we could compare today life to the days when I was young. So, let me tell you why life was harder when I was young, especially for those youths that like myself ended in a disadvantaged position to work in the farms when we were very young: not only we were in a disadvantaged position and working just to earn a small living that consisted of just plain but wholesome food and some clothing on our back, but what was hurting most of us young would be farmers, it was the fact that we were not appreciated from the rest of the town community, only because we were not as good as the rest of the community with our communication skills, owing to the fact that we were busy working and living an isolated life in the farm, where complex communication skills are not taught, because you don’t need them for farming, and also we did not ware flashy garments to show off, when we went to town and met the young town people, who seemed so clever well dressed and they knew everything that there was to be known.
The reason why I have been telling you all this is that, it explains better how I felt then and how I feel even now, about my life in the farm in those days when I was young, and I hope that there is no misunderstanding that this was a hard and boring life, I am writing this article today because I would like to point out to you that my life experience in the farm of those days has a very clear meaning to anybody that happens to read my life story, even if it is only a plain and boring life story that I am able to tell you.
But there is also another side of this story, because what I have just said makes me reflect about what the elders of my time were telling me, which was in effect that life was much harder when they were young; this makes me think and ask myself: is this the ways that life looks like when we get old? Or it is indeed that the way of life is changing for the better today I wonder? Anyhow, I will continue to tell you my life story here under dear readers and you can decide for yourself, now, let me talk about my farm life experience.
Let me tell you my farm life
Dear readers, let me continue to tell you my farm life experience; perhaps you remember that in one of our articles called, The heritage story, we have written again about the town that I came from and some of the ways of life of those times including my own life, so, now I would like to go back and continue to tell you all about my own life again that I lived in this town, starting from the very beginning, well not really from the very beginning, because I have already told you part of my life story in the article: An old man life story; a man life journey; My life my struggles; an old man story; My farm life experience; Simple man life observation and then more articles about Genzano the town I came from.
Therefore, now I am going back to tell you my life story, starting from the time when I had to live school and go to help in the farm, I was about eleven years old when I went to work in the farm; today you may find that at that age one is just too young to work, but in those times that was the way that most people accepted as being normal. I know that it was unfortunate for me just because I and a few other young men were going to be the last of this old way of life in the farms, because since then things have changed a lot and life for young people is better now, since for a start they don’t start working as young as we did then. Because soon after I started to work in the farm, laws were passed from the government of those days, that is was compulsory to go to school until youths were 14 years old, therefore I and a few others were the last youths that started to work so early in life. For this reason, it is going to be hard to compare anything, because things have changed, that is if we want to really compare anything that we do today with those past times.
But just to say one thing or two; can you just imagine a youth today that has just turned eleven or twelve or even thirteen or fourteen to have to feed and look after the farms animals in winter time as we did, when they are in the stable because outside is very cold. You have to go out to bring in straw and hay to feed those animals, even when it is very cold, and then you have to take them to the well to water them, you have also to groom them and clean the stable every day, it is a very boring job to say the least. I am pretty sure that today youths would refuse to do it, just because there is no joy or pride for doing it. Of course there are many other things that we did in the farms, but they are just as hard and boring; but perhaps I have said enough to give you an idea of what we are talking about.
So, let me tell you about my life.
Dear readers, here I would have liked to continue telling you my life story, just the way that I feel I should tell it, but I am having trouble with the computer, since the computer marks some of my writings as having duplicate content, as if I am coping the story from somewhere else; but really this is my life story, so I can tell the story of my life as many times as I want and the way I want to tell it, just because it is my own life story; some people may think that I might have copied my life story from somewhere else, but I can assure you that I have not and if it resembles somebody else story it is just a coincidence. And does this really matter?
You see I have only one life to live and if I want to be true to myself and the rest of the world I have to tell my life story just the way I have lived it, so there are no ways that similarities can be completely avoided. So, let me start telling you, my farm life experience as I lived it, even if today I think that it has caused me problems again.
Anyhow in our future articles that I am going to write, I am also going to show you how I have made an effort to break away from all those negative and painful things that were holding me back in the past, just because I did live in the farms when I was very young, see our article called, Hello my world. So see you in our next post, which is going to be another one of, my farm life chapter. I hope my life story is interesting enough for you to read. See you soon.

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