Frank's General Dreamland

This is going to be Frank's Dreamland

Welcome to Frank’s land of dreams and fantasy!
I want to welcome you to my dreamland my friends!
You see, you are all welcome here, and you can stay here as long as you like, because dreamland is free for everybody that in their dreams and fantasy likes to dwell.
You can dream whatever dreams you like in your dreamland: sweet dreams, love dreams, good dreams, strange dreams, wild dreams and even nightmares. And perhaps after dreaming your dreams, if you feel like it, you could even tell us your dreams.
And if you happen to tell us one of your dreams, or if you listen to a dream being told, please remember, that in dreamland nobody can tell whether the dream that we may be telling is the truth as well. Since in dreamland we are telling dreams, as you know dreams mat be lies that seem to be truths and truths may seem lies as well; because even I, and I am the dreamer of dreamland, but even I don’t know sometimes what’s the truth a well.
Of course I have dreamed the dream that’s true. But it is only a dream and it cannot be the truth just because it is a dream; but at the same time it cannot be a lie as well, just because what I have dreamed and I am telling you, it has really taken place at least inside my mind as well.

So you see, here I am, in my dreamland my friends.
Because this is where sometimes I like to dwell nowadays, whether I like to be in it or not makes no difference, because my lifestyle seems to have forced me to be in dreamland anyhow.
It had to happen to me, because somehow during my life I got tired and bored from the painful events of my life, and I suppose we all go through painful events in our lives, but in my case in order to escape my pains and boredom, I have tried to find a way out capable to break that boredom and gloom in dreamland. Therefore, nowadays in the land of dreams and fantasy I often happen to dwell, which is a situation forced from my life’s events, that were and are even now mostly beyond my control.
I don’t like being in this sort of situation, because by nature I am a doer and not a dreamer, so I would like very much to do some physical work, since that would keep my body fit and my mind occupied, and it would also give me some pleasure when I finish a task, because then, I would feel that I have achieved something worth doing.
Instead I try to live in the land of fantasy sometimes, and in doing so I may be ruining my health, and perhaps I may be wasting away in the land of dreams and fantasy. But sometimes I am in my forced and hopeless situation and I can’t do what I want, and therefore I am forced to dwell in the land of dreams and fantasy, just to keep my mind occupied in the hope that I keep it healthy. So you’ll have to forgive me if sometimes I will sound a bit strange, because in the land of dreams and fantasy everything can feel or be strange sometimes.
I suppose by now you know, or perhaps you have guessed already, that in the land of dreams and fantasy there are no restrictions whatsoever, so anyone can dream anything, say anything, think of anything and do anything at all. Because in the land of dreams there are no man made rules, and one is set completely free of all human acquired restrictions.
Because of this great freedom one can let oneself go wild, and dream or think of anything that one likes; and in doing so a person doesn’t harm anyone, or break any man made rules, since it all happens in one’s own mind.
Therefore, in the realm of dreams and fantasy just about everybody may willingly like to dwell, just because one can dream of anything that one wants; but cannot have it in real life. And in doing so one may be able to avoid being depressed, since one avoids that despair that otherwise may sent one crazy. Therefore, for someone to dream in the land of dreams and fantasy may be said that it is an escape from realty: But at the same time there is no harm done in dreaming, since it becomes an essential escape that seems to serves well all humanity, because somehow it is able to help in keeping a balanced mental health, even when these dreams may happen to be plain daydreams.
Now let me say what is on my mind and in a way start this FRANK’S DREAMLAND.

And I feel that life is love, and love is life itself,
And one cannot exist without the other.
Therefore if life cannot exist without love,
Then I better love, or I may as well be dead.

My dear reader whoever you may be, let me tell you about me and how the love for a woman has changed me. I suppose that a lot of us go through these love emotions during our lives, so, we all feel this love in different degrees of course and this love feelings affect us in different ways; but in my case the reality was that this love has really changed me completely. Of course I guess that this must have been part of my destiny, because now I have reason to believe that through this emotional woman’s love, God did set me up in such a way that I had to go back to Him. Now if you want to know more about this love without love happenings you better read all my writings, where I will describe to you how God Almighty has driven me back to Him through this woman love in His own mysterious ways.
I have also reason to believe that God is love, and can be described in a parallel way with my love feelings for this special woman, since they may be somehow one and the same thing. So:
And I feel that God is life, and life is God Himself.
And therefore one cannot exist without the other.
So, if we believe in life, we have to believe in God.
And if we don’t believe in God, we may as well be dead.
What I have written above is the prologue of a book which I will be writing somewhere else, and this prologue above is here to show you what you could find written in this book. In this book I am going through very dip love emotions for a woman, but this love for a woman becomes at one point religious beliefs, and I feel within myself this incredible experience, which would seem to most of us impossible to understand, because I feel that dip within my soul, that the love for this woman and the love for God runs in a parallel way, and therefore the love for this woman could and would become religion and love for God.
Now let me tell you this in this blog post I will try to write only serious things, therefore the love part will be written somewhere else, because I have to keep this blog free from adult content, but now let me go back to my present writings.
So you see, and I hope you understand my position, because, God has made me dream the impossible dream, and now I have to try and reach for the unreachable stars.