Today humanity challenge

This is Today humanity challenge, or we can call it, Mother Nature challenge


We must love Mother Nature because we are part of her, if we did not love her then we would not be able to love ourselves, because Mother Nature is every living thing, and this includes us most of all, as we are at the top of all existing life on earth.

Therefore Help Planet Earth

Nowadays, we the people of this earth are taking great risks, we are doing so many things that are harming Mother Nature, so, if we are not careful we will soon pay dearly for this reckless conduct, because we are damaging many things beyond repairs, whereby mother nature could have been able to make good again the damage, if that excessive damage had not been done.

This is how the whole planet earth could be like?
If we care about our-self and the coming generations we need to do something positive to help this harmful situation, don't you agree?

Global warming is the name that should make us think hard what we are doing to this planet, we need to pay more attention to everything that harms the natural environment.
You might say that something is being done, since there will be a meeting of world leaders soon: but I would like to see more interest from the people themselves, after all democratic leaders have to follow the people to get voted in.
So, here is the chance to express your views on this subject, please use it?